Since starting her career as an interior designer in 2002, the year she founded Sundries Furniture, Donna Stearns has earned a reputation for reinterpreting the very definition of 'coastal style.' By creating spaces which complement the aesthetics of  her clients' and the surrounding physical location - both a home overall as well as the natural environment - her designs have an effortless sophistication. Layers of texture paired with unexpected pieces lend an acquired feel; as though a room's look evolved over time rather than through a single trip to a furniture showroom.  

After owning and operating Sundries Furniture - a retail store for the home on Cape Cod which included interior design services - for more than a decade, Donna began to realize that her real passion was in the interior design component of the business and made the decision to focus solely on design. When she started I Candy Design, which is located on the second floor of the former Sundries Furniture location (now Harbor Homes), in the spring of 2016, Donna chose the unique name to reflect her longstanding belief that every space needs a bit of "eye candy." Whether an extravagant piece, a subtle touch of bling adorning bespoke window coverings or a luxuriant fabric, each room needs something which makes one say 'Wow.'